Forklift Service and Repair Benefits

Forklift loader in warehouse, machinery and Logistics concept.

Forklifts require full service and maintenance every 200-250 hours of operation or every 6 weeks. Before using a forklift on a construction site, it should be inspected daily. Forklift maintenance not only keeps your machine in tip-top shape, but it also helps you avoid safety hazards. Regular maintenance is so important that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) fines companies that don’t properly maintain their forklifts. Forklift maintenance is an intentionally broad term. Depending on the type of energy your forklift uses, the frequency and type of maintenance required may vary. Maintenance includes routine cleaning, checking safety features, and replacing damaged parts. By tracking maintenance, organizations can maximize their return on investment and minimize potential security risks.

Forklift service and repair
Most teams are happy to avoid his OSHA fines, but there are many other benefits to forklift maintenance. Whether safety or performance, your team can only benefit from inspections and repairs. The most efficient companies successfully integrate service into their daily operations. All teams are on their way to success if they follow this example.

Improved security
Forklift and industrial truck accidents cause approximately 35,000 injuries each year, so it’s important to ensure maximum worker safety. Whether the equipment is transporting pallets, tools, or raw materials, malfunctions can endanger operators and anyone in the vicinity of the forklift. Proper maintenance can help your team avoid unnecessary dangers.

Increased productivity
When machines go down frequently, the productivity of the entire team suffers. In contrast, a forklift truck in good condition will continue to haul loads and ensure a return on investment. A simple inspection can ensure that your forklift can handle the load it needs to carry. Regular maintenance is very important when the success of your project depends on machines in operation.

Maximum life
Regular maintenance helps the team catch problems before they occur. This will save you money that you would later spend on more expensive repairs. Plus, you can maximize the life of your forklift truck. Frequent repairs are a small expense compared to what would be spent rebuilding the device from scratch.

High resale value
Not all companies maintain their forklifts for life. Many teams choose to sell their cars after several years of use. A well-maintained unit will cost more to resell than a poorly maintained forklift. With that in mind, regular maintenance pays off big when replacing work tools.